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The London Economics Symposium (commonly referred to as "LES") is an international economics and politics conference, organised by students for students, and held annually in London, United Kingdom. The London Economics Symposium is independent from any university, and is organised by students throughout Europe. The London Economics Symposium provides a forum for students, academics and prominent leaders to discuss contemporary socioeconomic and political issues.

The LES was founded in 2012 by five undergraduate students at Royal Holloway University of London, and has expanded to include students throughout Europe, creating one of the largest international student conferences in London. The Founders were Matthaus Fischer, Marie-Elisabeth von Bomhard, Hildevert d'Harcourt, Oliver Harris, and Andrei Ivanov.

The annual conference invites prominent figures from various backgrounds to speak on critical economic and political issues. The symposium includes speeches, networking sessions and panels, which are moderated to encourage student participation through direct interaction.

The key goal of this event is for all parties to actively seek debate on relevant, contemporary and pressing issues. Consequently, these discussions should enhance students' contextual appreciation of current events as well as share speakers' accumulated knowledge. Greater understanding of the present is the link, which leads to creative farsighted and visionary thinking for our future. It is the responsibility of the world leaders to guide and contribute their insight to the new generation.

The third annual London Economics Symposium was held on the 30 and 31 January 2015 at the Pullman Hotel London St Pancras. The various presentations and panels discussed how effectively the Millennium Development Goals have been achieved from an economic and political standpoint and how global partnership can contribute to successfully tackle some of today's world challenges. In specific, topics covered environmental, social, demographic and financial sustainability, but also emphasized on the economic perspective of global partnership focusing on education, technology and trade.

On 14 and 15 March 2014, the second London Economics Symposium was held at Europe House, Smith Square and Hallam Conference Centre, in central London. The event was attended by around 200 students from universities around the world. The extended, two-day conference featured speeches and panel discussion from some of the highest ranking professionals, politicians and academics.

LES 2014 featured a most poignant and relevant topic in that it allowed open discussion on political and economic aspects of the world and particularly the European Union, in a time of imminent elections. The symposium helped students to develop a clearer understanding of the spirit of the age and offered them vision with which they may progress.

On 23 March 2013, the first London Economics Symposium was held at the Millbank Centre in Central London. It featured speeches from 11 professionals from the Banking, Insurance, Technology, Legal, Financial Research and Alternative Energy industries as well as academia. The conference saw approximately 200 students from over 40 universities from around the world attending.


Dr Alexander Dibelius (Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Germany, Austria, Central and Eastern Europe)

Clement B. Booth (Board Member of Allianz SE)

Dr Nikolaus von Bomhard (Chief Executive Officer of Munich Re)

Geoff Balzano (Chief Executive Officer at Morningstar, Inc.UK)

Dr Thomas Marsoner (Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Nomura International plc)

Stephen Denyer (Global Markets Partner at Allen & Overy)

Dr Hans Falk Bjerke (Chairman Board of Advisors Deutsche Private Equity)

Peter Pantlin (Chief Corporate Officer Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica UK)

Dr Emily Haisley (Investment Philosophy & Behavioural Finance Barclays)

Dr Andrea Vedolin (Finance Lecturer London School of Economics)

Lindsay Johnston (VP Commercial Operations EMEA Oracle)